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1,000-HP Electric Porsche Rally Car Is More Than Just Fantasy

Both the yellow and the white versions attribute massively flared wheel arches, major ground clearance, and off-road wheels and tires built by Nikolay Ostanin that seem like they could conquer any terrain. The typical rear wing continues to be in put on both illustrations, and we love the modern acquire on those hood-mounted spotlights. Hakosan says that these rally-bred Porsches have been made “for any Super Off-Street Obstacle” and claims that there’s 1,000 horsepower tucked under the engine address. Hakosan promises additional images of these badass vehicles shortly, and who understands? Probably another person will consider these great plenty of to make.

The concept of Porsche entering the motorsport arena with its EVs is not a ridiculous thought at all. The Porsche Taycan not too long ago outsold every ICE auto in Norway, and the brand name appears intent on delivering tons of new EVs in the in the vicinity of foreseeable future when another VW Group brand name, Audi, just lately showed that electrical electrical power can be successful in hardcore racing.