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2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe gains factory 2-inch lift kit and an at-home charger

The 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe is stepping into the Jeep globe just like any other Wrangler would, with a boatload of Jeep-backed add-ons you can tack on to it. Which is the natural beauty of the 4xe. You get the advantage of a beneficial 21 miles running on electric ability, but it is still a Wrangler, so you get the rewards that occur with it.

Jeep’s huge news to share with us currently is in the sort of a raise kit. There is a new Jeep Efficiency Elements raise kit out that is especially built for the 4xe. It raises the Wrangler’s journey height by 2 inches — Jeep markets it as the very first raise kit for a PHEV. Subaru could make a declare for the Crosstrek Hybrid being the very first with the factory-backed Crawford Efficiency raise, although it is a somewhat pointless declare.

The Jeep kit incorporates FOX shocks, new springs, new front decrease handle arms, unique front and rear stabilizer inbound links, new front and rear bump stops, all the fasteners you will need furthermore a JPP badge. It is a hell of a offer for just a 2-inch raise, furthermore it all arrives in a extravagant JPP-branded wood crate. All of the over will price you $1,495. Jeep specifies that all of the components are especially tuned and built for the 4xe — we presume that suggests they’ve revised some specs to better take care of the 4xe’s excess pounds from the electric parts. 

In addition to the raise kit, Jeep also announced the availability and rate of a Mopar- and Jeep-branded 240-volt at-household charger. You can choose amongst a “plug-in” model or a “hardwired” model. The two will increase electric assortment to your 4xe at the fee of about fourteen.5 miles per hour on the charger. You can snag one particular of them at the Mopar eStore. The plug-in one particular expenditures $621.50, and the hardwired charger is $647.ninety.

Past these components, the JPP catalog is vast open to this Wrangler, just as it is with every single other. The two the raise kit and chargers are obtainable now, although, so you can by now get to customizing and spending more revenue on your new plug-in hybrid Jeep.

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