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Auto123 testimonials the 2021 Subaru Crosstrek.

Numerous have by now come to be acquainted with the Crosstrek’s strange-but-uninspiring origin story. In it Subaru can take its Impreza model, offers it better floor clearance, raises the roof a minor bit, decks it out in rougher-more durable-looking exterior components, and… voilà: a new model is born, tailor-created for weekend adventurers!

As common, the truth is much more sophisticated than that, but the essence of it is much more or considerably less true – like any very good story! In the occasion, the Subaru Crosstrek absolutely sure was a sensible transfer by an automaker that is making strides by the leapful, and nowhere much more so than in AWD-loving Canada. The crossover has come to be the brand’s top rated seller in the Wonderful White North.

In point, just previous week, no quicker had I parked one more Subaru (the 2021 Forester) in front of dwelling, as it happened in the middle of a snowstorm, that a passerby remarked to me that with this baby, I for a person had practically nothing to get worried about vis-à-vis the weather conditions. Such is the hold Subaru has managed to acquire on the psyche of a lot of Canadian motorists. Granted, its frequent symmetrical AWD process is a) ubiquitous (it’s in each and every model across the array) and b) great, but so are a lot of some others in the field, and all-wheel traction is now provided in a at any time-widening array of sedans and small crossovers from distinctive automakers. No issue for a lot of, Subaru is to all-wheel push what Kleenex is to facial tissue. Or anything.

As for the Crosstrek, it may perhaps be a puffed-up Impreza, but so what? Absolutely nothing mistaken with that. Just be knowledgeable that you don’t get much more cargo space from the Crosstrek than from the Impreza (it’s 588 litres in both equally conditions, with the rear seats in position), although much more of that space is vertical.

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2021 Subaru Crosstrek Outdoor, front

2021 Subaru Crosstrek Out of doors, front

What’s new
What’s most attention-grabbing for the 2021 model-12 months as it pertains to the Crosstrek, is the greater engine it has obtained for the Limited and new Out of doors versions – this after sustained, multi-12 months pleading from enthusiasts who felt, justly, that the previous Crosstrek was basically underpowered. And so we’ve said hi there to a new 2.5L flat-four-cylinder, which is acquainted from getting utilised in the Legacy, the Outback and the Forester. It’s very good for 182 hp and 176 lb-ft of torque, and although it surely doesn’t turn the Crosstrek into a beast, it does deliver a great deal-essential muscle mass in comparison to the ninety seven-pound-weakling of an engine (152 hp and one hundred forty five lb-ft of torque) as soon as all over again found in the Advantage, Touring and Sport trims.

The second-most attention-grabbing factor about the newest Crosstrek is the really existence of that new Out of doors variation, which is the model we analyzed, as it happens. This nifty Plasma Yellow Pearl colour you see in the illustrations or photos is only integrated – at no additional cost – with this edition. Outside of the colour plan, the Out of doors variation distinguishes itself by using distinctive 17-inch alloy wheels and grille design, additional physique cladding and a variety of grey accents, and much more-rugged synthetic inside components allowing for easier cleansing and rougher treatment method. Oh, and yellow stitching and accents.

Note that this variation doesn’t have elevated floor clearance or any other functionality-associated updates, so it’s not essentially much more rough-and-prepared for off-roading than any other Crosstrek. It’ll just be easier to cleanse, is all…

2021 Subaru Crosstrek Outdoor, profile

2021 Subaru Crosstrek Out of doors, profile

A term or two about the product array
The Advantage ($twenty five,908, freight/expenses integrated, but not taxes), Touring ($28,308) and Sport ($thirty,908) versions can be had with handbook gearbox, when all trims equipped with the CVT appear conventional with the Vision suite of devices the Out of doors ($32,108) and Limited ($36,608) trims appear only with the CVT, and incorporate as properly the sunroof and what’s called steering responsive LED headlights.

As with a lot of these kinds of bundles of push-guide and protection devices, some of the functionalities are much more beneficial than some others, and some are much more intrusive than some others, but handful of these days will argue they don’t depict a significant internet in addition when it will come to making the ride safer. And Subaru’s are on par with any other.

The Out of doors and Limited are also the only kinds to feature superior beam guide and reverse automated braking. Admirers of 3-pedal driving really should take note that the handbook gearbox can’t be matched with Vision.

2021 Subaru Crosstrek Outdoor, interior

2021 Subaru Crosstrek Out of doors, inside

On the street
Now, weekend warrior-ing is all great and very good, but let us experience it, most Subaru drivers nevertheless expend most of their time commuting (properly maybe considerably less these days) or running errands on paved roadways, in towns or suburban neighborhoods or small cities. The Crosstrek, a pleasant compact deal that’s not much too bulky and therefore metropolis-pleasant, is an able transporter, snug enough and now, when outfitted with the new engine, impressive enough to satisfy any fair wants. The steering is not precisely sporty, and acceleration is nevertheless not sprightly, but the chassis feels pleasingly tight and the Crosstrek surely rides much more like the Impreza than it does the Ascent.

Snow, slush and ice are things you can just about giggle at, in the meantime. I’m absolutely sure there’s a predicament waiting for me that will go away me stuck in a Subaru, but I haven’t found it yet. I did not push the 2021 Crosstrek in the snow, but I have performed so with prior iterations and it definitely is self-assurance-inspiring. There, my bit to fortify the aura of Subarus among Canadians…

On the highway, the new 2.5L definitely empowers the Crosstrek when it will come to on-ramping and to passing. The CVT will, like all CVTs, get offended if you push things much too aggressively, but normally it minds its small business with no triggering a fuss. Trip smoothness is good, as are the sound stages. You’re not likely at any time to be duped into experience you’re in a luxury car – this Subaru inside is like all some others ahead of it in latest years, that is to say unflashy but solid and ergonomically pleasant – but there’s practically nothing that really should make you feel you’re in a budgetmobile.

2021 Subaru Crosstrek Outdoor, badging

2021 Subaru Crosstrek Out of doors, badging

My check push of the 2021 Subaru Crosstrek was seriously tilted to metropolis driving, and so my effects for fuel consumption don’t explain to the full story. But know that if you expend most of your driving time on metropolis streets and boulevards, you can be expecting anything like the 12.2L/100 km I received. Official figures are 8.0L/100 km merged. Note that the smaller sized 2.0L does only marginally far better, averaging 7.9L/100 km, so that shouldn’t variable into your selection-making when deciding on a powertrain.

The 2021 Crosstrek is not radically distinctive than ahead of, but the addition of a greater engine for some trims is really welcome. The Out of doors variation is pleasant enough and will come in a nifty distinctive paint colour (the a person observed in this article), but it’s not essentially much more off-street-oriented in conditions of abilities than other Crosstreks, so just don’t have unrealistic anticipations and maybe scope out lessen trims to see if they provide what you need to have with no the additional dressing.

Over-all, the purpose this model has immediately come to be Subaru’s numero uno in Canada is that it ticks off so a lot of of the containers motorists want, these kinds of as AWD, fair pricing, roominess and durability.

2021 Subaru Crosstrek Outdoor, three-quarters rear

2021 Subaru Crosstrek Out of doors, 3-quarters rear

We like

Solid design
AWD process that’s as self-assurance-inspiring as it’s reputed to be
Greater engine (for some trims)
Inside space is very good for the vehicle’s proportions

We like considerably less

Still not a dynamic driver
CVT can helps make things shrill
Inside design is subdued, maybe much too a great deal so for some

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2021 Subaru Crosstrek Outdoor, rear

2021 Subaru Crosstrek Out of doors, rear



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