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Bentley Admits It Has A Big Problem With How EVs Sound

On the matter of electric power supply, Rabe suggests that an electrical powertrain essentially satisfies Bentley’s profile as a luxurious GT maker. Rabe suggests that in a vehicle like the Mulsanne Speed, “its 6.75-liter V8 with 1,a hundred Nm (811 lb-ft of torque) is effortless in the very same way as an electrical powertrain.” He suggests that effortlessness will translate properly in all-electrical Bentley’s, fitting in with the manufacturer id. He earmarks sedans and SUVs as the first rational stage as these are additional refined driving ordeals demanding much less of the dynamic thrill delivered by coupes like the Continental GT.

Bentley is in no rush to make a total transform to electrification, though, and ICE types will coexist together with new EVs for some time however. Some associates of the Bentley board desired a tough switch, initially rumored to take place in 2026, but Rabe tells us he does not see this as the very best route and that the shift will be gradual, commencing with PHEVs like the Bentayga and Flying Spur.