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Fiat Panda by M-Sport a one-of-a-kind rally car

English racing and engineering agency M-Activity is in all probability ideal known for the Bentley Continental GT3 stamina racer and the Ford Fiesta R5 customer rally car. Considering the fact that developing the to start with of 294 Fiesta R5 Mk. I autos in 2013, the fleet of pint-sized rivals has received a full of much more than 950 races. So when a longstanding M-Activity customer questioned the firm to do something distinctive with a clapped-out, 1990s-era Fiat Panda that would keep the car’s Panda-ness but also make it a stonking rally car, M-Activity made the decision to mix the Italian with the Anglo-American. The final result is the Panda by M-Activity, a widened Panda bodyshell lowered atop a Fiesta R5 chassis and engine. If not known as Panda’monium. Or Pandiesta, if you might be tipsy.

Just fitting the skinny Fiat about the tube-frame chassis meant widening the Panda’s overall body shell by 14.2 inches that slick grille is basically built of two Panda grilles to attain the required width. That surgical procedure will help manage the first Panda’s silhouette, but much more was required to slide the Fiesta’s broader monitor beneath. Extra latitudinal extend was furnished by the box-section wheel arches that, up entrance, movement into a entrance bumper that is fifty percent snowplow. In the longitudinal direction, the Pandiesta’s wheelbase is 12.six inches longer than that of the inventory Panda.

The Ford’s 1.six-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder lives under the hood. It sends virtually 300 horsepower and 332 pound-ft of torque to 4 Pirelli P Zeros as a result of a 5-velocity sequential transmission and two custom differentials. The new rear diffuser and one, central exhaust convey the seriousness of the endeavor. Hand-embossed lettering spells “PANDA 4×4” on the rear hatch in situation any one has issues about this possessing as a great deal ability as the typical Panda 4×4. The inside is all Fiesta R5 save for the Panda-mimicking instrument panel and the co-driver’s footrest. The latter is also inscribed with the word “PANDA.”

Irrespective of the license plate, there is certainly no issue of street legality here, or relatively illegality. M-Activity suggests the Panda’monium is ready to do any distinctive stage on tarmac or gravel. Seems this is also the car that launches a new division for customer creations identified as MS-SV, which is M-Activity Unique Autos. You can watch M-Activity operator Malcom Wilson just take you on tour of the Panda by M-Activity in the online video at major, and look at out what the concluded product can do on a monitor here. 

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