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Ford Raptor Bus Is Russia’s Bad-Ass Idea Of A 6×6 Off-Road Monster

Challenging is not the to start with term most would affiliate with the Ford Econoline...

Challenging is not the to start with term most would affiliate with the Ford Econoline – the company’s go-to van considering the fact that 1961. But this is not your typical whole-measurement van, both. It’s jacked up with an additional axle and a front conclusion stolen correct off a Ford Raptor. It appears superior suited for the Baja 1000 in its place of flower deliveries, but which is just us. The development comes from Ford Marketplace in Moscow, Russia, an aftermarket build store, and it’s named the Ford RaptorBus.

Crazy 6×6 motor vehicles aren’t new, but they aren’t normally a van, both. And yet, Ford Marketplace somehow shoved an additional axle underneath, while it appears to be like like a completely new chassis with beefed-up suspension bits and significant 37-inch tires. That by yourself is spectacular, but the RaptorBus goes a stage further more in its style with the Raptor front conclusion.

Transplanting the front of a person auto onto a different usually finishes in catastrophe, but which is not the case with the RaptorBus. The grille, headlights, taillights, and bumper glance like they belong on the van. The hood seamlessly blends into the grille, as well.  The additional cladding above the wheel wells does minimal to enable hold the tires contained underneath the auto, but it does include a contact of off-street aptitude. What completes the van’s glance is the bright pink paint and light bar on the roof.


Ford Marketplace has a ton of photos of the build above on its Instagram web site, which day again to past August right before the conversion happened when it sported just two axles, 4 wheels, and a rough exterior paint work. You must look at it out – there are other mad builds to see. Entire, it stands just above nine feet tall without the light bar, measuring more than 2.five feet taller than the Raptor. We have yet to see the interior, while it’s most likely just a beefy as the exterior, or so we’d hope. Up coming time you see an Econoline for sale, you will be considering of the opportunities.