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Ford wades into rumor-infested waters by renewing Splash trademark

Extended-expression workers of the United States Patent Workplace must be getting déjà vu. Following filing a trademark for the Lightning nameplate, Ford moved to defend the Splash designation it applied for several years all through the 1990s.

Set your time machine back again to the 1993 model 12 months. Ford’s entry-degree Ranger gained detailed updates that introduced a extra rounded exterior style and a extra contemporary interior. It was largely aimed at younger buyers, so the Blue Oval launched an look package deal named Splash about midway through the model 12 months to travel the point home. The truck was to begin with supplied with a brief box, rear-wheel-travel, the so-named Sport interior, and in both Lively Pink, Amazing Blue Clearcoat Metallic, or Oxford White. Precise decals rounded out the adjustments.

Again to the existing: Ford’s trademark software only lists a selection of different motor vehicle styles as the Splash name’s supposed uses. It could decide on to release a extra colourful version of the Ranger, irrespective of regardless of whether the edition follows the rules set by the original Splash, or it could possibly give the designation to the new Maverick. What strikes us as odd is that the Splash was low-priced, cheerful, and street-centered, and the need for this kind of a truck only isn’t there anymore. Some speculate Splash will denote a further electric model, but no hard evidence backs it up.

Retain in brain a trademark filing is not a warranty that the name it protects will be applied on a production motor vehicle. Carmakers occasionally file logos to avert rivals from employing a nameplate, or only to continue to keep it in their arsenal. Even if the name does stop up on a truck, absolutely nothing states it will reach showrooms the model could be a strategy. As of crafting, Ford has not commented on the report, and it has not introduced plans to make a further Splash.

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