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GMC Hummer EV Flips Are Already Getting Out Of Hand

As the previously mentioned Facebook publish reveals, some men and women are providing up the Version 1 for as a great deal as $325,000. Maintain in thoughts that, even though an $80,000 model is coming as a foundation model, the Version 1 is not substantially much more high-priced and is meant to promote for close to $105,000. That signifies that these new markups are reaching as much as triple the primary inquiring cost, which is arguably worse than what some supercar sellers will do. And the earlier mentioned is just not an isolated situation – a rapid Google search reveals that $300,000 resale price ranges are far more typical than not. Heck, The Push cites Hummer Chat discussion board consumers selling reservation slots, which price $100 direct from GM at launch, for as a great deal as $60,000, whilst the very same forum has Version 1s offering for upwards of $262k. For a truck not yet shipped. Insane looks much too weak a term to describe this phenomenon.