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Junkyard Gem: 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass Edition

From the 1976 by 1992 design decades, Lincoln sold Designer Version customers of the Mark...

From the 1976 by 1992 design decades, Lincoln sold Designer Version customers of the Mark Series private luxury autos. At 1 time or an additional, the Givenchy, Versace, Pucci, Cartier, and Bill Blass brand names partnered with Lincoln to make snazzed-up Marks IV, V, VI, and VII. I’m usually on the lookout for these blinged-out land yachts as I patrol for Junkyard Gems, and I’ve managed to come across a handful around the decades. These days, we’ve bought a tattered-but-nonetheless-superb Bill Blass Mark VI from the waning times of the Late Disco Time period.

Bill Blass bought his get started in the United States Army, planning phony inflatable tanks to idiot the Nazis prior to the D-Day invasion in Planet War II. Right after that, his firm became a important participant in the manner planet, and Ford place the BB anchor style on loads of Lincoln Marks.

This Bill Blass Mark VI bought purple system pinstripes and purple decorative belting on the leather-based-upholstered seats.

A faux-convertible “diamond grain carriage roof” went on the Designer Version Mark VI coupes (you could obtain the ’82 Mark VI Pucci Version as a sedan). This roof is on the tattered side, but you get the notion.

The “wire spoke” aluminum wheels on the Designer Version autos seem substantially nicer than the wire-wheel-motivated hubcaps that went on lesser Mark VIs.

The Mark III by Mark V had been siblings of the Ford Thunderbird, but the 1980-1983 Mark VI lived on the new Panther platform and its closest relatives had been the common Continental and City Vehicle. Yes, this car or truck is a not-so-distant cousin to the Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptors that stayed in creation by 2011.

Under the hood, we see the fantastic previous Ford Windsor 302 engine, also regarded as the five. V8. Ability wasn’t so great— one hundred forty horsepower and 231 lb-ft— but the control excess weight of the Mark VI came in at well under two tons, a seven-hundred-pound excess weight reduction in comparison to the huge Mark V.

The Mark VI would seem to be the neglected Mark, disregarded between the rococo V and the fast Fox-dependent VI.

A digital-tuner AM/FM radio with four speakers and cassette participant was significant-duty audio things in 1982.

A digital instrument cluster showed the planet that you had been completely ready for… the long run

What is actually not to appreciate about the Mark VI?