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Kia Niro EV long-term review, Part 8 | Car Reviews

Auto123 places the Kia Niro EV to the long-expression examination. Now, part 8.

With the holiday season approaching and me absconding to sunny southern climes for a trip (double-vaxxed and masked in general public, I say to heck with any and all variants of the virus!), I tucked “my” Kia Niro EV absent for a few of months. Which gave me time for a minute of reflection…

That unveiled to me the next: I adore every day daily life with an electric powered vehicle!

It truly is been additional than 4 months now that I have been introducing myself in depth to the globe of gasoline-free personal transportation – thank you Kia – and frankly I’m gained above. Seduced, you could say. Certain. A convert.

The evidence
There are the strengths prevalent to all EVs, regardless of whether they are American-built, Asian-built, European-built or what ever. Below is the universal language of EVs:

1. On board it is extremely peaceful. And the peacefulness inevitably rubs off on the way I generate and interact with other motorists. I am additional individual. Effectively, not all the time, but the Niro is part of my remedy.

Now, I in no way minded a backfiring motor, but you can find also the simple fact that I’m now, um, additional experienced. Is it a criminal offense to now desire peaceful to a cacophony of audio? I really don’t imply I will in no way show up at a rock concert all over again. On the contrary, they continue to keep me younger. Like my comic guides (I’m at this time re-examining the basic Franco-Belgian comics collection The Adventures of Lieutenant Blueberry).

Rarely a working day goes by without the need of me viewing and hearing some hothead tearing off from an intersection, squealing their tires and roaring their motor. And just as I’m about to judge them, I recall that I have completed that. Additional than after. Think about the amount of cars and trucks a auto reviewer can examination generate in their career. How numerous periods have I built a stage of doubling back again and driving by a tunnel all over again just for the enjoyment of hearing the triumphant roar of a 911 Turbo bounce towards its partitions? (Reply: a handful of.)

The Kia Niro EV, in the chilly

2. The Kia Niro EV, like most EVs, offers great acceleration. Very little like a Porsche, head you, but additional than enough to strike the freeway like a bullet, to weave by website traffic with the agility of a trout and even to – certainly, I should confess – make its seventeen-inch Toyo tires squeal.

But it was out of pure skilled curiosity, I swear! To examination the auto, scientifically.

three. Cost, and conscience. Not getting to enrich substantial oil providers is another as well as when you generate an EV, of study course. Yes, it’s additional high priced to acquire than its interior combustion-motor sibling, but subsidies soften the blow to start off with, and thorough calculations by professional colleagues show that EVs finish up getting a discount above the long expression (additional than five years) vs . their gas-fed equivalents.

Furthermore, these fiscal things to consider will inevitably shift in favour of electrics as the price tag of batteries drops and makers assemble ever-better EVs that are ever-less costly to create.

The price tag problem is just a single of the numerous questions that have fascinated me due to the fact I started off studying about the globe of EVs. All those queries include studying about charging stations, about keeping an EV, about producing and about retiring/recycling batteries, and of study course about the distinctive EVs on the current market. I truly feel like I have stepped into Ali Baba’s cave, but for journalists. So numerous solutions to find!

Kia Niro EV, front

I can, do and will proceed to rely on die-difficult EV followers, their clubs and their perfectly-structured teams this sort of as the Affiliation des véhicules électriques du Québec (AVÉQ) or on weblogs this sort of as Branchez-vous to realize all the things since these men and women are extremely practiced on how to get details out there.

And let’s not ignore my neighborhood expert, 11-yr-old Emiliano, that auto fanatic I launched you to before. He came to go to me even though I was striving to de-ice the Niro’s windshield with a scraper that was not undertaking its position.

“It truly is great that it’s chilly,” he explained by way of a greeting.

“Oh yeah! Since you assume it’s enjoyable to scrape ice?”

“That is not crucial. What is crucial is that you may at last be ready to check out to see if it’s genuine what they say about the fall in range when it’s chilly.”

My, but the very little bugger is aware of his stuff! Tucked absent in that Ali Baba’s cave, among the all the questions about EVs, there is without a doubt a single about the effects of winter on the battery and on range.

“You are correct,” I replied as I at last gained a fight towards a specially stubborn segment of ice (many thanks primarily to the Niro blasting incredibly hot air towards the glass). “That will be exciting to examination.”

“At the very least, it could be additional exciting than your columns about your journey to Ontario.”


“What, very little! You’re not genuinely educating us significantly! We’re parked in Kingston or outside a Tim Hortons even though you go on and on about the Electrical Circuit!

“Yes, but it’s extremely exciting, the Elec…”

“Probably, but you just have to convey to men and women to go to their web site. They have a Q&A segment that solutions all forms of questions, even the form you wouldn’t count on, Mr. Journalist.”

“Effectively truly…”

“Do not convey to me you didn’t go glimpse!”

“Effectively, certainly. But I considered men and women would desire my way of earning it uncomplicated to realize,” I muttered defensively, the scraper hanging in mid-air above the windshield as I struggled to continue to keep my composure.

“Bah! No need to have to repeat what’s already spelled out there. You’d be better off heading further into some of the solutions there that really don’t appear full to you.”

“Yes, boss!” I stood at notice and saluted him. In any case, the Niro was completed defrosting the windshield largely on its personal. It was its way of telling me it was time to go examination the winter.

Alright. But which is for later. Before measuring the effects of winter temperatures on the 64-kWh battery of the Kia Niro EV, I had to go to recharge my personal battery in the shade of a coconut tree 1st.

Hasta luego!

The Kia Niro EV, with the new Kia logo!

The Kia Niro EV, with the new Kia brand!

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