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The edited excerpts:

Q. Now that we have had this at the time-in-a-generation seismic party, has this brought any modify in your enterprise views?

When Covid strike a year in the past, nobody understood what was going to transpire. From SEG’s level of check out we have normally preserved a balanced portfolio exactly where we cater to pretty much all vehicle segments which include passenger autos, two-wheelers, off-freeway and professional autos. The important aspect that I see as a special possibility is the switchover to BS-VI know-how. This transition enabled us to go for some vital acquisitions in the passenger automobile section.

And as client tastes started off favouring micro mobility alternatives we also shifted our extended-expression target to personalized mobility from shared mobility. If we see the craze around the previous year, personalized mobility in light-weight electric autos was someplace around two.eight million units which was pretty much 22% as opposed to 2019. In the latest year, the personalized mobility house is projected to be 3.two million to 3.4 million units which will be 21%-eighteen% better than that in the preceding year.

Global light-weight electric automobile manufacturing stood at about seventy four million degrees in 2020 which was down by 16% as opposed to 89 million units operating in 2019. The forecast claims that the world light-weight electric automobile is going to get to about eighty three million which indicates the section will see a growth of about ten% as opposed to previous year. In the domestic market this section declined 23% previous year.

Q. So, what elements will get prominence in SEG’s press towards personalized mobility?

For the automobile section, the target is generally on high effectiveness turbines in the BS-VI era. This generator is catching up pretty rapid in the market and we have a single of the most effective in its class. This new high power and high effectiveness generator is a new solution addition from our facet. It can obtain pretty much eighty% of effectiveness on the alternator facet of turbines.

Also inside of starters the automobile section is relocating towards a get started-halt portfolio.

It is also vital to see the transition occurring on the electric two-wheeler facet. Now, with the FAME-II plan, we see a major reaction coming from two-wheeler electrification. In this house, we retain a healthier portfolio the two for the hub motors and mid-mount. At existing SEG has a comprehensive portfolio of hub motor systems starting up from 850W to 2kW. In addition, on the mid-mount machines we have the array from 1.2kW to 10kW in conditions of power. With these goods we are pretty assured that this year there will be major uptake on the personalized mobility demand from customers as we move out of the second wave of COVID-19.

Q. Can you give us a segmentation of your enterprise?

I simply cannot set an precise quantity on our enterprise segmentation as our classification of goods is market-dependent thanks to our existence in all the segments. Section-intelligent, M&HCV took a quite deep strike in 2020 with a sale of just 170,000 units, significantly lower than the 540,000 units in 2018 and 380,000 in 2019. This year the product sales for M&HCV will hover around 220,000-250,000 units.

In addition, a few-wheelers also took a main strike as shared mobility came down. Even immediately after keeping a strong hold on this market, we faced the warmth. Nonetheless our balanced portfolio assisted us in staying nicely above the market.

Heading forward, personalized mobility will hold a main chunk of our enterprise based on the improvement in the market and consumer.

Q. When two of your main segments, M&HCV and a few-wheelers, are in doldrums, what keeps your enterprise afloat?

Inspite of a substantial dip in the domestic market in the past couple months, our exports stood regular and that assisted us a lot in sailing via the turmoil. Currently, 35%-forty% of our manufacturing goes to the export markets which incorporate the European nations around the world, ASEAN, Japan, and Korea.

Q. What are you executing to minimise the latest provide chain disruptions?

There is a lot of uncertainty on the provide chain mainly because of localised lockdowns as we have a dispersed provider base throughout the country. In purchase to maintain our customers’ line operating so that we do not get into troubles we have an agile way of releasing alternate sources. Multiple sourcing is our strategy on the provide chain facet which we have expedited so that we de-risk ourselves from single sourcing.

We have also enhanced our fee of localisation which assisted us to de-risk ourselves from world disruptions. This is something we are quite significantly targeted on to assure that we get quite versatile on the provide chain which is a single of the important bottlenecks right now.

Q. What is your latest stage of localisation and are you seeking to boost it?

Our localisation stage is above eighty% right now and we are pushing for better figures as we enter following thirty day period with the FAME-II subsidy plan. Bottlenecks will occur on the facet of electronics. Apart from this, we will press localisation of the relaxation. This year we are pushing for eighty five%-90% localisation.

Q. How will the modifying consumer tastes and disruptive systems affect SEG’s growth in FY22?

We see double-digit growth in FY22 in the domestic market and exports on the conventional solution facet. Large figures will occur on the light-weight electric mobility facet mainly because of the new FAME-II subsidy plan.

We imagine that the Indian market will continue to be dominated by ICE autos till 2027 with pretty much eighty five%-90% product sales coming from conventional autos. We also imagine that the intermediate phase just before electric would be hybrids.

Mild electric mobility will occur in major figures in India just before the transition occurs in a greater way on the passenger automobile section. For this house our solution portfolio is comprehensive like in two-wheelers or a few-wheelers. By 2025 we imagine that electric two-wheelers could be everywhere in between five% and ten% of the existing market and the electric-a few wheelers would be 15%-20% of the conventional market.

In the past two and a 50 percent years we have invested substantially in this house. We have a modular design and a system answer, which include transmission, for this section and we have geared up our manufacturing to take care of this major growth coming on the EV facet.