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NHTSA unveils searchable database for auto safety recall data

WASHINGTON — NHTSA on Thursday introduced a cloud-based mostly dashboard for sifting and sorting more than fifty years’ worthy of of automobile safety remember info.

The agency’s searchable database allows users to kind, filter and visualize info, these types of as the total range of recalls by company and total range of likely impacted vehicles. It also allows users to lookup by search phrase and to export info.

The dashboard will be up-to-date each day, NHTSA claimed.

Customers can obtain remember info as much back as Jan. 19, 1966 — 4 a long time right before NHTSA was proven — when General Motors recalled the 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle and El Camino as effectively as certain styles from Oldsmobile and Buick over an concern with the steering shaft. Practically 278,000 vehicles ended up impacted in total, in accordance to the reviews.

“This new dashboard supplies unparalleled transparency into the remember procedure,” Steven Cliff, NHTSA’s acting administrator, claimed in a statement. “Additional than fifty a long time of remember info are now simply accessible to the media, scientists, safety advocates and any person intrigued in learning more about auto safety.”

The info earlier was accessible through a “bulk download,” necessitating users to download huge data files and import them into a database. NHTSA claimed the new process is more user-welcoming and will make the info more transparent.