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Nissan GT-R 1600hp v 1000hp v 650hp Drag Race

Does a lot more horsepower truly end result in more quickly moments down the drag strip? To uncover out the crew at Carwow collected 3 modified Nissan GTRs for an exciting experiment. Every Nissan GTR has been modified with a lot more horsepower than stock with a spread of virtually one,000 horsepower amongst them. Now we get to see exactly how horsepower impacts drag strip moments in this special YouTube experiment.

Carwows R35 Nissan GTR lineup is made up of 3 degrees of GTR modifications. 1st, we have a rather tame 650 horsepower (484 Kilowatts). Then you can find the fabled one,000 horsepower (745 Kilowatts) Nissan GTR which will make the magic four-figure mark. Ultimately, we have a one,650 horsepower Nissan GTR that is unquestionably crazy. The one,650 horsepower (one,230 Kilowatts) Nissan GTR also rewards from the use of drag radials more than the stock wheel and tire setup of the other cars and trucks.

The R35 Nissan GTR has been on sale globally considering the fact that 2009. This famous supercar slayer promptly built a reputation as a supercar slayer that took perfectly to power mods. Above the final 12 yrs, Nissan GTR modifications have progressed to new degrees of power and trustworthiness. The end result is modded Nissan GTRs the routinely create about one,000 horsepower and beat practically almost everything on the drag strip.

In the early days of R35 modifications, many owners experienced transmission concerns where even stock cars and trucks could grenade their transmissions in the course of a launch. Fortunately Nissan discovered a way to make the transmission a lot more strong and even aftermarket providers discovered ways to make Nissan GTRs reliably launch with more than one,000 horsepower.

In this drag race of crazy quantities, it is a good reminder of how to dominate the R35 Nissan GTR is at drag races. Although its structure is dated, it can even now lay down some remarkable moments. Few that with a powerful aftermarket, and you can beat just about something on the street.