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Rimac Nevera Convertible Is The Electric Drop-Top Of Our Dreams

The Nevera coupe has 4 electrical motors that ability every single wheel individually, producing a combined one,914 horsepower and one,731 lb-ft of torque – these figures are only phenomenal. The coupe can hit sixty mph in a claimed one.85 seconds and a best speed of 258 mph. In the convertible, effectiveness figures like that will be enough to depart you with blown eardrums, an completely rearranged hairdo, or both.

Now, there just isn’t a single totally electrical convertible on sale in the US. Perhaps the closest factor to a possible Nevera convertible is the Koenigsegg Regera PHEV which has a removable roof, or the Lotus Evija roadster if such a vehicle ended up at any time built. At approximately $2.five million for the frequent Nevera, a fall-best model could fetch shut to $3 million. How about it, Rimac?