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Rivian Files Patent For Extended Sliding Doors

Thanks to trademark filings earlier this year, we know the names of impending Rivian types. Now that it has the truck and SUV segment included, Rivian will want to increase its portfolio.

The names Rivian would like safeguarded are R3S, R4S, R5S, R4T, and R5T. Wanting at its present line-up, the T is reserved for the truck, while the S is linked to the SUV. The 3,four and five probable relate to size. Due to the fact the R1S is now the size of a BMW X7, the other quantity will possibly be still left for scaled-down types.

That would match in with the great brand launching tactic, which is to blow clients absent with a halo solution, followed by more inexpensive choices for the masses.

We can see the gain of sliding doorways like these on a compact SUV. Rivan is on a roll at the minute. The first mass-made R1T not too long ago rolled off the manufacturing unit floor, and the EPA gave both the truck and SUV formal range claims of more than 300 miles.