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Tesla Model S Plaid races modified Yamaha Banshee with unpredictable result

One of these machines is in all probability the quickest-accelerating factory-manufacturing four-door car or truck on the world. The other one particular appears to be like a rapidly welded-with each other Do-it-yourself undertaking powered by the two-stroke motor out of a Yamaha Banshee quad. Even though we’re particular it’s actually a well-thought-out and effectively-engineered undertaking, even its rider refers to it as “sketchy.” Let’s see what takes place when we line ’em up for a race.

Go forward and observe the movie just before you continue to keep studying. We will wait around.

Alright, carried out? Very good. That was amazingly near! These two four-wheeled motor vehicles could not be more different. The Tesla Product S Plaid is run by batteries and has zero tailpipe emissions. By the appears to be like of the white exhaust billowing out the back again of its expansion pipes, the Banshee appears to be to burn gas and oil in about equal steps as it combusts lifeless dinos and wails its way down the drag strip. That wheelie bar definitely can help the Banshee’s rider get off to a traveling get started, but the Tesla’s top-quality aerodynamics and a lot lengthier gearing will allow it to reel the stroker in towards the finish.

So, you will find only one dilemma still left unanswered. Would you ride that … thing? Yeah. We would give it a test, way too.

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