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The right way to label your products with stickers

It is no secret that product labels can transform the look of your product range and boost your sales like nothing else.

But there are a lot of different label materials to use and ways you can label your products. Which one is ideal for you? And how can you create the best product label for your business? After all, you do not want to regret your decision down the road.

Do not worry, we collected expert tips from a vinyl sticker maker to help you find your perfect product labels. Here’s how to go about it:

1. Find the right size

The first thing you need to do is find the right size label for your product. You don’t want it to be too big, too small or completely out of proportion.

It is essential that you measure a) the overall size of your product and b) the area you want your product labels to cover. This is the only way you can make sure that your labels will not overpower or swallow your product, but will still be an appropriate size.

2. Use sticker sheets

Your custom labels will be a lot easier to apply if you use sticker sheets. This means that your labels will be printed onto an A4 sheet, which makes them a lot easier to store.

Sticker sheets are also a massive time-saver, especially if you have to apply hundreds in a sitting. The excess backing paper allows you to peel them a lot more swiftly.

3. Be picky about your text

When designing product labels, it is very tempting to fill every centimetre with content, images or elements. But resist that urge and be picky about the text you include on your labels.

This will not only make your labels easier to read, it will also make the printing process a lot easier. Did you know that there is a specific height requirement for printed text? If your letters are smaller than 1.2 mm, they will not print legibly. Definitely keep that in mind!

4. Try out different materials

The last thing you need to do is try out different materials for your labels. Some materials work better than others, so you’ll want to experiment a little bit.

Stickers and labels come in different colours and effects, each giving your product a slightly different look. A holographic sticker, for example, can be a perfect way to spice up a limited edition range, whereas a gold label is ideal for luxurious branding.

With these tips, you can create custom labels like a pro and make your products look next level. Do you have even more tips and tricks we should include in this list? Then let us know in the comments.