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Toyota Wants Customers To Keep Their Cars Longer

Owners will be in a position to put in program updates specifically for basic safety and driver-assist features like parking and lane changing. They can also substitute hardware like destroyed seats and steering wheels. Finest of all, the application isn’t really much too high priced, though it does count on the provider. Selling prices commence at about ten,000 yen, or about $87 USD, and ranges upwards to a hundred,000 yen ($874). For the time getting, not every single Toyota and Lexus design will be included in the provider.

These that are, involve the Prius, Aqua (aka the now-discontinued Prius C), Alphard van, and the Lexus NX. Only 6 Toyota dealerships in Japan, located in Tokyo, Hamamatsu, and Shizuoka Prefecture, are having portion in the application but this could effortlessly increase if things go effectively.