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Unique Chevy 789 Merges Three Models From The 1950s

Fulfill, the Chevy 789. If you think you haven’t listened to that nameplate ahead of, very well, you’re right. The truth is, the 789 right here from Anaheim, California is only a couple in existence, owned by Gene Langmesser and featured on this episode of Preposterous Rides.

Now, what can make the Chevy 789 ridiculous? It is really the simple fact that it was created with a few Chevrolet autos in mind – the 1957 Bel Air, the 1958 Delray Ragtop, and the 1959 Impala. See what he did there?

To produce this hot mess, Langmesser experienced to obtain a brand new Chevy Corvette and strip it off. He then experienced to use 1,five hundred pounds of clay on it to layout the system, which was fabricated out of carbon fiber composite with levels of fiberglass for a better paint finish.

Right after 5,000 hours of do the job, Langmesser concluded the construct. According to him, he “needed to produce a vintage, aged university car with today’s technology.” However, it appears to be like he is undecided as to which one of his beloved classics he’ll be influenced with, so he went for all a few.

The front, of system, comes from the 1957 Bel Air, the facelifted model, which modifications that can be noticed on the reworked decrease bumper. The middle section, on the other hand, comes from the 1958 Delray Ragtop. The rear-end’s in all probability the most noteworthy, with the iconic “chook in flight” layout from the 1959 Impala.

Coming from the Corvette, the Chevy 789 is driven by a 6.two-liter V8. The ensuing construct is fifteen feet and 10 inches long and 6 ft and 3 in broad, tipping the scales at 3,685 pounds.

For what it can be worth, we think Langmesser’s strategy was variety of odd, unusual even, but the ultimate merchandise exhibits a superior stage of craftsmanship and bodywork, which built the entire factor neat in the end. If you like this as much as we do, Langmesser is accepting commissioned do the job by his company N2A Motors.