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Volvo patents system to shift steering wheel left-to-right | Car News

Volvo not long ago utilized for a patent for a relatively interesting technological innovation –...

Volvo not long ago utilized for a patent for a relatively interesting technological innovation – a steering wheel that can change from the still left to the right aspect of a motor vehicle and back again. The Swedish automaker applied by-wire technological innovation to build a process that allows customers to slide the steering wheel, instrument cluster and several switches from a single aspect of the cabin to the other.

This invention improvements the pretty principle of what accurately is the driver’s seat.

Printed in September 2020, the patent describes a “motor vehicle getting a number of driving positions” using a steering wheel mounted on a rail that extends throughout the width of the cabin. This implies that the driver can sit on the still left aspect of the vehicle, as in most nations, or on the right aspect, as in Australia, England and Japan, amid other folks. Those people who want to could even decide on to sit in the center.

Volvo added that a sliding steering wheel could also suggest customers can appreciate extra place when touring in a vehicle with semi-autonomous driving options. For case in point, if you are trapped in targeted traffic, you could get off the wheel and examine a book even though the navigation is done by by itself.

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Patent for sliding steering wheel, fig. 1

Patent for sliding steering wheel, fig. 1

Patent for sliding steering wheel, fig. 2

Patent for sliding steering wheel, fig. 2

Steer-by-wire technological innovation is not really new. Infiniti, Nissan’s luxurious division, has been using it for several a long time with its Q50 sedan. The phrase “steer-by-wire” is applied to explain the process for controlling the steering.

In get for this technological innovation to function, all motor vehicle controls would have to be replaced with electrically controlled (by-wire) components. Brake-by-wire technological innovation is by itself step by step attaining acceptance in the automotive sector, even though electronic acceleration is now commonplace. The digital dashboard and the numerous pedals could merely slide along with the steering wheel.

What about pedals, you talk to? Volvo states they could be replaced with tension-sensitive bearings, hydraulic or pneumatic sensors or some other process. In all circumstances, they would be put in in each front foot wells, and the process would mechanically activate the ones on the aspect the place the steering wheel is put.

This is nowhere near reality at the second and appears outlandishly futuristic, but it could come about sooner than we think. And when it does, we might have to stop referring to our personalized transportation devices as vehicles and get started taking them for computers on wheels. We’re a fantastic part of the way there now.

From a strictly professional issue of watch, the idea of building a vehicle that can be driven from each still left and right has long been an appealing a single for automakers, in particular when it comes to creating right-hand-travel types in right-hand-travel markets. Back again in the day, Mini correctly put its key dial in the centre to minimize creation costs. BMW took up the formulation with the modern version of the product.

Patent for sliding steering wheel, fig. 11

Patent for sliding steering wheel, fig. 11