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Watch them in a drag race

Now that the Lucid Air is a functional actuality, there is certainly a looming question: how properly does it fare in a drag race against the other nicely-recognized electric luxurious sedan, Tesla’s Product S Plaid? You now have a greater strategy. DragTimes has shared a long-teased online video of a quarter-mile faceoff involving the Air and Product S Plaid, and the end result is at after anticipated but continue to total of insights.

It will not likely shock you to hear the Design S Plaid wins three of the four operates, together with 1 with a rolling start off. It has a shorter claimed -to-60 time (1.99 seconds versus 2.5), and its lighter suppress pounds (4,828 kilos compared to about 5,200), allows offset the horsepower deficiency. The Tesla did not have its drag strip prep method enabled, both. If you’re fortuitous enough to cross-shop these EVs, the Product S is nevertheless your decide for uncooked acceleration.

The Lucid Air however retains up very well, however, and it even won a race when the Design S Plaid’s launch mode was not engaged. That included power nevertheless issues, to put it a different way — and this is really worth considering if you might be additional intrigued in green light races (exactly where a start mode most likely will not be an alternative) than drag strips. Lucid also pointed out that you can precondition the Air for superior straight-line general performance, and that it truly is now centered more on “luxury and effectiveness” than velocity.

The circumstances were not ideal in between somewhat chilly temperatures for the Houston-location strip and potent winds. You will very likely see a lot quicker moments elsewhere. Even so, the video clip is worthwhile as a uncommon likelihood to see how different electric powered auto platforms control in authentic disorders. It also shows just how considerably EVs have arrive — these are figures you’d have previously affiliated with larger-finish supercars, not four-doorway persons carriers.